Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parental Guidence is Recommended

Avery has the biggest potty mouth and she isn't even trying! This morning she was singing Ring Around the Rosie. Here is how it came out...
"Ring around the hoesies, cocky full of cosie, asses asses..."
A few weeks ago she was asking for gawk and was yelling, "Gawk!" Julie told her she needed to say please so she started yelling:
"Gawk TEASE!"
Say it a few times and you will know what it sounds like. Any word that ends in "ock" like clock, block, sock comes out cock. Today Julie was singing a song from Imagination Movers about sun block. Avery started singing:
"Sun Cock, the days get hot..."
We will be working on pronunciation ASAP!

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