Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost Keys and Teaching Gawk

I am working for Healthy Start and am teaching breastfeeding classes every so often along with doing home visits to help moms who are having BF'ing issues. Tonight I texted Julie and asked her if she wanted to meet us for dinner. She came home instead so we could all drive together. When she got here I was gathering our stuff and looking for my key. I could not find them ANY WHERE! I looked and looked to no avail. Luckily I found my spare key so we could finally leave for dinner.

When we got home Julie put the girls to bed and I went to the grocery (using my spare key again.) While I was gone the girls looked for my keys again. Later this evening I was recounting what happened when I got home from teaching a class on breastfeeding on facebook.

Avery woke from her nap first and while I was finishing up a show I had been watching while they were sleeping Avery walked up to me with one of her little purses on her shoulder, a Le Leche League booklet in one hand and my KEYS in the other and stated, "I go teach gawk!" At the time I thought it was really sweet and cute and thought, I need to post that on facebook... As I was typing it I realized I knew where my keys were...they were probably in that little purse Avery was walking around with. Sure enough they were in there. I knew it the minute I picked it up.

Whenever I pick my keys up and there is someone else here Avery says, "Bye Mommy." She assumes I am leaving to teach gawk. And that's what she tells every baby sitter that stays with her. "Mommy teaches Gawk."

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