Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breakfast, Beach, Naps, and Mad Dogs

Julie and I took the LGs (Little Girls) to breakfast this morning. They did pretty good...Avery Ate like she was in a refugee camp for the last year. Emerson, true to form was not hungry at all. Afterward we went to the bay by Julies work and played on the beach for an hour or so. It was probably like 30 min but when you are wrangling twins that are hell bent on heading out to sea it feels like a life time.

Both Julie and I had to have a hand on a baby at all time when they would head out to the water cause they have no sense of danger what so ever. Each of them went completely under at least 3 times. The scary one though, was when I was walking back with Emerson and suddenly she was just gone I had to look for her in the water...luckily I saw the pink bathing-suit and pulled her out. The little stinker came out of the water laughing! Im telling you they have NO FEAR of the water no matter how many times they get smacked in the face with a wave.
Julie and I were exhausted so we decide it was time to leave.

Everyone had a really good nap. Me included. They have been napping really well lately but jump between one and two naps a day. VERY confusing.

After their nap we went for an early dinner at a restaurant called the Mad Dog and the Englishmen. It was a great little pub like place that was surprisingly kid friendly. During dinner there was a waitress that put her hand on Julie's chair while she was talking to the table behind us. In my head I thought "I HATE when people do that to my chair" A few seconds later I hear the waitress and Julie laughing at Emerson. She had pulled the ladies hand off of her moms chair. Apparently it bothers her too, so much so that she doesn't even like when it's done to someone else.

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