Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Time

We celebrated New Years eve a few times this year. First I took the girls to the zoo and celebrated at noon with their friend Graham and one of his mommies Katy.
This trip to the zoo was special, because for the first time the girls were old enough and tall enough to ride the banana ride. They loved it! I thought they might be scared cause I could not ride with them, but I was wrong. They had a great time. They're getting so big. Sniff, sniff.
At Noon the there was a count down with noise makers and cheering. Julie and I did this celebration 2 yrs ago with the girls look at the difference 2 years makes!
Avery two years ago:
Yes, she is in the bottom of Graham's stroller...
Then we rung in the New Year again at 8pm with the kids the LGs, Graham and Cameron. The all loved drinking their cider and playing with their noise makers. The next morning Avery came in the kitchen and asked me for more "cheers" she wanted more cider.
When the actual New Year rolled around we were all sound asleep. Such is life with kids. We like it like that though.
Graham and the girls have something very special in common. They share the same donor sperm. So in essence they are brother and sisters.

The way we found this out was kind of odd. I met Katy through a group she had started on for gay and lesbian parents in the Tampa area. We got together for a few play dates. I liked her and she invited Julie, the girls and I to her house for a cook-out and swimming. We were all in the pool and chatting about random stuff. I said something about "donor 2610" and both Katy and Pam went pale. Katy said, "wait where did you get the donor for the girls?" I for some reason was thinking it was California. Katy said something to the fact that they used Fairfax. Suddenly it clicked, "NO, it was Fairfax that we used." Again it looked as if both Katy and Pam had been smacked with a brick. Katy, "and you just made up that number too right? Was it really 2610?" Me, "Yeah...why???" "That's who we used..." needless to say we all have a special bond now. We are family. We may not look like Ozzy and Harriet but who does?


  1. I have a little boy from fairfax donor 2610. Feel free to contact me We live in central Florida.

  2. Very surreal.... I have a 6 year old gem from donor 2610 as well. We are Jersey girls :)