Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hide & Seek

I had the idea to teach the girls how to play hide and seek this afternoon. It was about the most fun I've had in years!

Firstly, let me just say that almost 3 year olds are really crappy at this game, but boy do they love it.

The first round I was the seeker (by my self) and Julie helped them hide. Then we let them hide them selves for a few rounds. This is what proved to be the most amusing as they hide in the same 2 places each time, but switched who was in each spot each time. The two spots were their closet, and face down in "the hole". After that we split them up one with the seeker and one with the hider. They loved doing both, but we had to help them hide for the above reason. So it was me with the hider and Julie with the seeker. I would help whom ever I had hide, then hide myself . I tried to do a pretty good job with the hiding of the little person I had, like one time I put Avery in a laundry basket and covered her with the stuff that had been in the basket. The only thing that made this a fruitless effort was the constant giggle coming from whatever clever spot I had hid them in.

The best was the times that the three of them could not find me. Because I would hide after I hid the other hider they would get found first (the giggling) then they would also help the seekers try to find me. The first time they could not find me I had hid behind their door in their room. Emerson walked right past me to look in her closet, and did not see me. I was laughing so hard I was crying and biting my finger trying not to make any noise. The next time I was in our shower stall up against the wall. Julie told Emerson to check our bathroom and she just poked her head in and said, "No" She didn't walk in and turn around. OMG we had so much fun!

After the games where over Julie said, "Did you know Emerson can count to 20?" "Um, no... I knew they both could count to 10 with no help" Julie said Emerson counted to 20 with no problem when they were seeking.

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