Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans

Saturday we went to Lowes to do a project with the kids. They loved it! It was a little unnerving to have a bunch of toddlers wielding hammers.

When we got there we were the first to arrive...of course! We are always early to every.thing. So we walked around for a bit and then finally decided to get started even though the other families that were suppose to meet us had not arrived. The next group of parents and kids to arrive just happen to be another lesbian couple with their 2 boys. They sat at our table. Then Pam and Katy showed up. Now it looked like a lesbian parents meet up... Hey, great idea!!! What dyke doesn't love Lowes?

Finally Uncle Randy and Aunt Christy came with Cameron. Oh, well there went our gay theme... ok, maybe not. The girls do love to call Chris Uncle Christy.
Julie "helping" Avery. If you look closely you can see that she is trying to hammer two nails at one time...
Avery in her safety goggles
Total focus! Notice there is no nail though...
Avery showing off her ALMOST finished dog leash holder:
The finished products:
After our project at Lowes we all decided to go to Ricks for lunch. The kids had a great time and the grown-ups had fun too!
Emerson and Cameron:

Avery performing with her air guitar!


  1. Very funny stuff! You crack me up Julie and Patty. Almost as much as channel A&E.

  2. The A&E channel is pretty darn good programming! :)